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ProArmour Explains Why Epoxy Coatings Are the Best Choice for Garage Floors

Demand for garage floor epoxy coatings has experienced steady growth over the past twenty years for good reason. Epoxy offers numerous advantages over other floor treatments and provides a wide range of benefits. 

The flooring experts at ProArmour Concrete Coatings in Plano, TX, encourage home and business owners alike to consider epoxy for their garage floors. ProArmour Concrete Coatings stands among the most trusted garage floor coating companies in the industry. They specialize in environmentally safe polyaspartic and epoxy flooring.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Epoxy Coating for Your Garage Floor

#1: Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings Protect Concrete

After a day out on the roads, vehicles drag in all kinds of dirt, debris, and chemicals that can damage concrete flooring over time. These contaminants, as well as engine fluids, can lead to concrete stains. An epoxy coating not only covers up old stains but also protects concrete from suffering any new ones.

#2: Garage Floor Coatings Prove Easy to Clean

Anyone who has ever tried to remove a stain from a garage floor understands the challenges of cleaning concrete. Thankfully, epoxy resin proves much easier to clean than concrete. Usually, a little soap and water is enough to lift stains with just a few gentle wipes of a shop rag. In fact, ease-of-use represents one of the main benefits of epoxy over garage floor paint.

#3: Epoxy Coatings Increase the Fair Market Value of a Home

Hiring an expert to install a garage floor epoxy coating costs more than some options, such as painting. However, the epoxy coating can increase the value of a home by thousands of dollars. Most people who purchase concrete coating see it as an investment, especially since epoxy lasts for over ten years on average.

#4: Epoxy Coatings Represent an Eco-friendly Solution

Most people don’t think of garage floor epoxy as eco-friendly because of the chemicals it contains. While epoxy does contain several different chemicals, it still represents a more sustainable solution than leaving a garage floor untreated. Epoxy paint remains the greener option because it:

    • Does not require harsh cleaners to remove stains
    • Will not need replacing for several years
    • Will not break down and wash into the sewer as most paint will

#5: Epoxy Materials Work Great for Other Applications

Having a professional apply a garage floor epoxy coating presents an excellent opportunity to tackle other jobs around the house. An expert installer can use epoxy as a pool deck coating or an alternative to basement floor paint. Commercial epoxy flooring works great for showrooms, retail spaces, back offices, and more. In factories and workshops, industrial epoxy flooring is sometimes installed throughout the entire building for safety. Epoxy flooring often features anti-slip additives.

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About ProArmour Concrete Coatings

ProArmour Concrete Coatings is dedicated to offering custom garage flooring solutions that stand the test of time. Their innovative 4- to 6-hour installation process delivers a drive-on-ready floor in 24 hours or less, and all their products come with a lifetime warranty. Contact ProArmour Concrete Coatings at (833) 652-0811 for a consultation or follow them on Facebook for more helpful residential and commercial flooring tips.

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